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Bad Batch team grouped up source: Comics Beat

Connor Budach, Writer

The group known as the Bad Batch is a group that was first introduced in Star Wars: Clone Wars as just a side group. However, Star Wars fans loved the Bad Batch group from the animated series so much that the producers at LucasFilm decided they wanted to make a whole series dedicated to this group that will officially come out later this week on Disney+. 

In the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, the Bad Batch also known as Clone Force 99 were a clone commando special force squad that was active during the clone wars. However, these clones were genetically modified to be better than any other clone the galaxy has ever seen. This led to the Bad Batch crew getting a skull icon on their armor representing that the group was different and better than the rest of the clones. They are also known for not failing a single mission that has ever been given to them. The Bad Batch crew was initially led by a clone named “Hunter” as he had been modified to have enhanced sensory abilities. Other clones in the Bad Batch group include “Crosshair” who is a markman and has not missed a shot in his time as a clone. The big clone in the group’s name is “Wrecker” who does exactly what his name suggests as he has enhanced strength. The clone that is the brains of the group got the name “Tech” and has enhanced mental capacity and intelligence. One more clone joined the Bad Batch crew and went by the name “Echo” who had enhanced cybernetic parts. Echo was an experimental clone for the Clone Force 99 but was taken away by the droids and turned into a cyborg in order to get Echo to fight for the separatists instead. 

People around the world were ecstatic when the news about the Bad Batch series finally came out. Senior Caden Schwartz said, “When I first heard the news come out I immediately set a reminder on my calendar for when it was going to come out.” The Bad Batch series officially comes out with a huge episode lasting around 70 minutes which should go more in depth with each character that will be in the series for the entirety of the show. This allows new watchers who do not know the Bad Batch to get a feel with who the clones are and what they do. The Bad Batch series comes out on national Star Wars day May 4, 2021 at midnight.