Mother’s Day at OHS


Designed by Brittany Sackett

There are many mothers at OHS here we highlight just a few.

Brittany Sackett, Writer

Mother’s Day is a national holiday celebrating all of the wonderful mothers. This year Mother’s Day is on May 9. Being a mother has many qualities and those can also be applied in the classroom.

Ms. Angela Sager is a social studies teacher here at OHS, along with being a teacher she is a mom to four daughters and one granddaughter. When asked what being a mother means to her she said, “Being a mother means getting to watch your children grow into adults. This is a task that is difficult, joyful and heart-wrenching all at once.” What Sager loves most about being a mother is, “Just hanging out with my girls and talking about life.” Being a mother ties into the classroom in many different ways, to Sager, “Being a mother has made me a much more compassionate teacher.”

Ms. Connie Pittmann is a FACS teacher at OHS, she is also a mother to three kids and seven grandchildren. When asked about being a mother, Pittmann says, “Being a mom means giving unconditional love and dedication of my time and energy always and forever.” What she loves most about being a mother is getting to watch her children grow and develop through the different stages of their lives. She says, “Now that they are adults I love the relationship we have. I also love that they have given me grandchildren.” Being a mother can be seen in Pittmann’s classroom through her care for young people.  She says, “I have dedicated my time and energy to motherhood and caring about my students.”

Ms. Gail Tratz is an English teacher at OHS. Besides being a teacher, she is also a mother to three kids. What Tratz loves most about being a mother is getting to see her kids’ “unique personalities, their accomplishments and kindness to others.” She also loves how witty and funny they are. Being a mother and a teacher helps Tratz by making her understand the perspective of students more when she sees what her own children enjoy and struggle with. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers at OHS.