Struggles of parking



The teacher parking area

Cael Robb, Writer

With the first three quarters of school being hybrid and some all online, parking at Owatonna High School was fairly easy to do and easy to find an open spot. With the new quarter here and with a good chunk of students all in person again, parking became a harder thing to do and more frustrating. Seniors had the opportunity to win a parking spot in the senior lot by lottery for this last quarter. Not all seniors got a spot. 

The first week back there were a lot of parking tickets handed out because not everyone could park where they usually do and didn’t know where they should park. Senior Hudson Aase said, “It really sucked not getting a spot that we were told that we were not going to need a pass for.” The seniors who did not get a parking spot have to find a spot somewhere else. Many students have gotten parking tickets for parking in someone else’s spot. There was even a case where a car got towed because someone parked in a spot they weren’t supposed to and would not move for a few days, so it eventually got towed. 

Many students have complained about the parking situation and about how they didn’t like it. Sophomore Kaeden Mullenbach said, “The first week or two sucked for parking because everyone one was back and there weren’t as many spots open.” Multiple people had this issue. Mullenbach also said, “My usual spot was full so I had to find a new spot.” After the second week, students started to figure out the ins and outs of parking and know where the best spots to park are. With only three weeks left of school the students have most of it under control.