OHS Softball is swinging for the fences


Olivia Shaw

Senior Elizabeth Radel will be playing of the University of St. Ben’s next year.

Abe Stockwell, Writer

A year ago the OHS Girls Softball team had their season canceled. After a year off, the team is in full swing. With a 9-7 record in one of the toughest conferences, the team has held their own. 

This year the team is very young, including three senior players and one senior manager. Overall, this will allow the team to succeed in the future since they will have already formed the team chemistry needed to overcome their opponents. Coach Jeremy Moran said, “Ana LaDuke, Haylee Mullenbach, Alyssa Ringhofer and Hailee Olson (student manager) have been a part of this program for many years and are leaders on and off the field.” As seniors, they provide the leadership for the team and their leadership will help the team as a whole, as they advance to sections.

Ana LaDuke, senior and captain of the OHS Girls Softball team, has many positive things to say about their season so far. Not only has the team spirit been great this year, the shenanigans before games are always uplifting. LuDuke said, “Before every game, the team plays a game including a hacky sack that we learned from one of our coaches, Rachel Malo.” For the team, it is a fun way for them to bond with each other and build up energy before each game.

The Huskies next home game is Tuesday, May 25 against Mankato West at 4 p.m. at Morehouse Park.