COVID-19 vaccine distribution promising a better tomorrow

Vaccine distribution throughout Minnesota is picking up.

Vaccine distribution throughout Minnesota is picking up.

Evan Dushek, Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the last year more difficult than most could have imagined, but with recent efforts making the vaccine accessible to anyone age 16 or above, people hope that they can put these hard times behind them and continue to grow.

Minnesota vaccination numbers are growing significantly, as of now more than 61% of Minnesotians have received at least one dose. Well over two million residents have completed their vaccine series and nearly three million are currently in the process. Owatonna high school junior Adelaide Broughton said, “ The vaccine makes me and others around me feel more safe.” 

One major change coming with the large number of vaccinated Minnesotians, is the recent announcement that the Minnesota face mask mandate, set into place in July 2020 is coming to an end. Citizens see this as a sign that these vaccines are working and things are beginning to go back to how they once were. 

Businesses will be free to make their own decisions about whether to ask customers or employees to mask up. Minnesota health officials will still encourage mask wearing among those who are not fully vaccinated, but that guidance will not have the legal force of a mandate. Owatonna Public Schools still require face coverings to ensure the safety of those that have not received the vaccination. That idea may be held by various companies, stores, restaurants and other public gathering spaces. The major hope is that the number of vaccinated Minnesotians continues to grow and more steps like this can be implemented into people’s daily lives. 

There are three COVID-19 vaccines that have received emergency use authorization in the US, made by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. These vaccines are highly effective in preventing you from getting sick from COVID-19. If unaware of how to receive COVID-19 vaccine, people can visit and type in their zip code to find nearby locations, select a location and schedule the vaccination appointment best for them.