OHS holds its first pep fest in over a year


Callie Kreutter

2021-2022 OHS Student Council prepares the first pep fest in over a year

Valentina Contreras, Writer

On Thursday, Sept. 2, Owatonna High School held the first pep fest after a year and a half, the last one being the OHS Wrestling state send off on Feb 26, 2020.  The 2021 Welcome Back to school pep fest  brought in a crowd of thrilled OHS students, including freshmen and sophomores who have not had the chance to experience one yet. 

This event was hosted by OHS Student Council members, with emcees seniors Audrey Simon and Fardouza Farah, and was held at the football field. The OHS Cheer team kicked off the pep fest by showing off their newest cheer routine. Following the OHS Student Council introducing all of its members for the 2021-2022 school year. Student Council member junior, Reegan Lindholm, shared an inside scoop into this school year’s homecoming events, as well as the theme, “Game On.” As OHS students arrived into the field they were handed out a disk, which they then threw into a pool with all their names to be selected for a prize. All OHS team captains  shared with their classmates how their season has been going so far and then gathered to race on who was the fastest while using rolling objects from a childs’ scooter, a rolling chair, a Barbie car, a wagon, etc., At the end of the pep fest, sophomore Molly Achterkirch and senior Jackson Hemann were two lucky students who got to play a game for a prize, winning a TV and a t-shirt. This was an event enjoyed by many students. 

Being back at the pep fest feels different because it’s in a different spot, but I’m glad we got some of the activities back

— Audrey Hylle

OHS students not only go to cheer on their friends on the activities, but they also came together to experience school spirit for the first time in a while. Senior Audrey Hylle said, “Being back at the pep fest feels different because it’s in a different spot, but I’m glad we got some of the activities back.” Underclassmen got to enjoy watching the event for the first time and seemed to enjoy it. The sophomores got really into the pep fest and were excited to play the games. Sophomore Emma Johnson said, “It was fun and it was cool how they did different activities.” As this school year kicks off OHS students are glad to be able to enjoy all the activities that they have not been able to for the past year and a half.