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Shelby Born

Ms. Raney is the new Health and P.E. teacher at OHS

Ms. Michaela Raney is excited to teach at OHS

Ms. Michaela Raney is one of the two new physical education( P.E.) and health teachers at OHS this year. Ms. Raney is originally from Owatonna and is very excited about coming back. She taught at Faribault Middle School for four years. She is excited to see how the school works from a different perspective, she is already enjoying teaching high schoolers.

She became a teacher mostly because of her college health professor Dr. Connie Mettille. Ms. Raney said, “She provided so much energy and enthusiasm and passion for what she did, and it kind of clicked with me that it’s something that I wanted to be able to provide” Ms. Raney also enjoys teaching because it’s never the same everyday. Ms. Raney said, “This school year is going incredibly fast. It can be stressful at times to make sure everything is ready to go, but as soon as students are in my class, the stress goes away. They make it worth it every day.” The block schedule is a lot of fun for Ms. Raney, she states that classes “fly by” and that it is very different from teaching in Faribault, where she was also a volleyball and softball coach. Ms. Raney said, “It’s easier to have good conversations because you (high schoolers) guys are just able to go there, which is really fun.”

Ms. Raney loves going to concerts and sports events since she is a big Minnesota fan. In her free time she loves to go on walks with her dog. Students can find Ms. Raney in her shared classroom C-210 or in her office near the locker rooms. 

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