Family Feud event continues homecoming week festivities


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The winning team competes in the Family Feud event held on Thursday, Oct. 7

Marlee Dutton, Writer

After a great kickoff to this year’s OHS homecoming week starting with sand volleyball on Oct. 4, there were many more exciting activities to look forward to. This year’s homecoming theme was “Game on” and one of the main activities was Family Feud.

OHS students have highly anticipated a normal homecoming week and the brand new activities were sure to bring the energy back. On Thursday, students who signed up as a team played Family Feud in the OHS auditorium from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Admission for this event was $5. 

Student council was excited to be a part of the many activities in celebration of homecoming week. Student council member junior Hailey Kjersten said, “There were seven rounds with three questions each, Mr. Benson was our emcee for the night and Kinzie Carlson and I ran everything behind the scenes. There was a lot of planning that went into this event and I’m glad everyone had fun.” With all of the hard work that went into making this activity possible, it’s really rewarding to see the outcome. 

There were a total of eight teams competing in the event. Teacher Mr. Adam Woitalla, who competed in the event, said, “I was on the teacher team and we came in second place. It was fun to see all the students and staff together after a long break and have an opportunity to all be goofy together. Being that this is the first traditional homecoming we’ve had in a year, it is fulfilling to see students and staff come together to have fun and enjoy it.” 

Bringing the student body and staff together to participate in a fun and new event is exciting because normally staff doesn’t participate together with the students. Even the teams that did not take the winning title still had a lot of fun, there seems to be a different energy in the room when teachers are in the room competing. 

The members of the winning team, Melvin, included Aaron Bissonette, Jose Rosas, Nolan Church, Drew Wilker, Jayden Omangi and Deacon Schaner. Schaner said, “The best part about winning was earning the prize and being able to celebrate with everyone on my team, this was one of the most fun homecoming activities I’ve ever participated in.” This event was a hit and they will definitely do it again in the future.