Loud and Proud


Taylor Radsek, Writer

The OHS Cheer team has come far over the past years, not only have they expanded in size and sports variety they cheer for, they have also improved their abilities. Cheerleaders entertain spectators at sporting events and they encourage louder and more enthusiastic cheering. The cheerleaders symbolize school spirit and leadership. The team is in the middle of their season and are cheering football on for each of their games. 

Over the past summer the team did morning workouts, early afternoon practices and a cheer camp here at OHS. This made the team stronger and gave them time to improve their skills and ability to tumble for the upcoming season. Head coach Ms. Mara Oien is excited for the season. Coach Oien said, “Over the summer, our cheerleaders worked really hard with summer conditioning, and our amazing captains led practices, where we can learn our chants and dances and do some extra strength and conditioning so that we are ready for a successful season.” The first football game was on Friday, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m.in Rochester against The Mayo Spartans which Owatonna lost 58-31. The cheerleaders were bummed about the loss, but they still cheered loud and hyped up the crowd. Senior captain Makalia Szymanski said, “Yeah, I feel like we’ve had a really good season so far and I’m excited to finish it off strong.” Since then, The Huskies are now 4-2 and have two regular season games left, then whether they lose or win, that will determine who they play in sections. 

Sophomore Mariah Cuellar loves to bond with her team. Cuellar said, “A goal I would like to see this season is for our team to all come together and work hard.” The girls weren’t able to have a normal season last year, and lost a lot of their strength. The cheerleaders have returned back to normal and performed during the halftime show for the first time in two years. Szymanski said, “My favorite thing about cheerleading is performing at games and halftime.” 

The cheerleaders performed at the homecoming game during halftime on Friday, Oct. 8 along with the dance team and Top 12.  Coach Oien said, “They have worked so hard for the past couple weeks on really making sure the routine is set and solid.” They have an exciting rest of the season along with the football team. Szymanski said, “It’s hard to know this year if the team is going to win, lose, or tie.” Either way, she says the team still tries their best and they get the student section going and encourage them to cheer along. The next game is this Friday, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. in New Prague.