Compass Day benefits OHS

Ava Wolfe, Writer

Starting this school year, a new and improved program called Compass is taking place to benefit students in many different ways. This was formerly known as TMM. Compass day is a shortened school day that occurs every other Wednesday. The school day starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 1:05 p.m. Students have the opportunity to stay after school and either get extra help on assignments, join a club or group and ask their teachers questions if they have any. 

Students get a chance to be involved in a variety of different clubs that hold meetings on these shortened days. A few of the clubs that take place are; Girls United, Green Team, DECA and Math League. Most of these clubs have a set time and place on where they meet. You can walk right in and participate in these groups whenever you please. Students never got the opportunity to be a part of some of these clubs or groups because they were either busy with work or different activities outside of school, Compass day has opened up that opportunity. When students at OHS were surveyed about how Compass days are beneficial and/or what should be improved about compass days, students from various grades stated that many of the clubs and activities overlap one another. Dakota Kath, a senior at OHS said, “It would be nice if the extra-curricular activities could figure out ways to make clubs not all at once. Or make them every Wednesday.” According to 20 students, Compass day should be held at the school every Wednesday. Sophomore Paytyn Struss said, “That I am able to be a part of more clubs because they don’t conflict as much with sports and that I am able to talk to teachers if I need help.” This is just one benefit of compass days. 

People like different aspects of Compass days. Principal Kory Kath said, “I really love that it gives students the choice and flexibility on how they want to use their day.” Mr. Kath and the staff members of OHS, prepare for Compass days by understanding all of the clubs and groups that want to meet and what time, so they can send the information out to students. Teachers tend to make it mandatory for students to come see them, because they are either absent or are struggling in a certain subject or area and they can provide any extra help.