Ms. Grunklee brings a friendly face to OHS halls


Chase Martin

Ms. Grunklee is excited to be a hall monitor at OHS

Chase Martin, Writer

Ms. Jacqueline Grunklee is a new hall monitor at OHS. Prior to OHS, she was a stay-at-home mom for six years. The 2021-22 school year is Ms. Grunklee’s first experience with hall monitoring in an official position, however, with five children, she has many experiences in handling students.

A high school hall monitor oversees the general safety on campus. Not only do hall monitors help the students and perform a variety of administrative and non-instructional duties, but they execute tasks that help support teachers. From patrolling the grounds to resolving conflicts, Ms. Grunklee provides a safe learning environment for the students and staff.

This school year, she is most excited about seeing the growth in the kids. Ms. Grunklee said, “At the beginning of the year there’s a lot of immaturity from the summertime so I’m really excited to see how far the kids go.” Ms. Grunklee is excited to work with the kids at OHS this school year.Students have shared many positive experiences with Ms. Grunklee these past two months. Junior Paiton Glynn says, “She’s super friendly and always brightens up the hallways.” OHS is proud to welcome a new hall monitor that brings smiles to each student’s faces.

Mrs. Grunklee’s  favorite part about being a hall monitor is witnessing maturity and character growth within the students. Watching students grow academically and personally is most rewarding to her. One of the things she is not fond of, being a hall monitor, is catching the kids in the act. Ms. Grunklee said, “That’s nerve racking to me. I just want the best for everybody.” She always wants to see the best in students and watch them exceed expectations.

Outside of school and roaming the halls looking for wandering students, Ms. Grunklee enjoys doing crafts with her children and taking them to swim and dance practice. The gentle kindness and initiative personality of Ms. Grunklee will bring a new sense of safety and familiarity to the halls at OHS.