Phoebe Bridgers tours for the first time since COVID-19


Norah Sletten

Phoebe Bridgers performing “Punisher” at Surly Brewing Festival Field in Minneapolis.

Norah Sletten, Writer

Singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers is 27 years old and makes music in the alternative-indie genre. Bridgers gained popularity through her level of relatability, she is undeniably honest in her work. Her sorrowful discography even earned her the title of “Ms. Misery” in reference to one of her many inspirations, Elliott Smith. She got her start by releasing her EP (Extended Play) album, Killer in 2015. She has come a long way since she started performing and has even earned four Grammy nominations with her 2020 album, Punisher. Before quarantine began, Bridgers was performing with Conor Oberst in their band, Better Oblivion Community Center. 

Throughout COVID-19, Bridgers has stayed at home doing shows through Instagram live streams. In an Instagram post she said, “Had this idea to play a show but instead of a stage it’s my apartment and instead of a crowd it’s the internet.” She did shows for Hooligan Magazine, Noisey and DIY Magazine, all from her own apartment. On June 18, she released her melancholic album, Punisher. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said, “I have never wanted to be a character, and I have never wanted to hide stuff about myself.” Bridgers’ honesty is reflected through songs like “Savior Complex” which includes a melody she wrote in a dream and “Moon Song”. She finishes out the album by screaming in “I know the end” which highlights the feeling of the end of the world and the loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On July 12, Bridgers announced her Phoebe Bridgers Reunion Tour. The tour took place from Sept. 3 to Oct. 24. The show included an opening performance by MUNA, a group signed by Bridgers’ record label, Saddest Factory Records. Bridgers took COVID-19 safety precautions by requiring masks and proof of vaccination at entry. A while after announcing the tour, she moved all venues outdoors to make the tour as safe as possible. In a post, she said, “And please wear a mask. I love you. See you soon.” The tour dates included a show on Sept. 11 at Surly Brewing Festival Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

In the midst of preparing for her tour, she did not put her other work to a halt. A small fraction of her recent projects include a feature on MUNA’s “Silk Chiffon”, a cover of Bo Burnham’s “That Funny Feeling” and her own spot on the cover of Wonderland Magazine. Bridgers is excited to be back on stage again after such a long time away from performing. Whether it be from her bed or on a festival stage, she is always ready to throw on her skeleton onesie and blow the crowd away with her talent. Although the tour has come to an end, Bridgers will be busy working with the artists she has signed on her new record label, Saddest Factory Records.