OHS students plan out their future on college and career day

Ava Wolfe, Writer

College and Career Day is a day dedicated to students. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, OHS hosted over 65 colleges, businesses and military personnel for students interested in attending college or pursuing a career in the future, along with new tours and educational presentations from our career counselors. Students were able to go to downtown Owatonna to experience an off site tour to People’s Press, Irish Eyes, Legacy Signs and the Fire Station. There were other tours such as: law enforcement, emergency services and the new high school, which includes the construction update on the new high school and trades. 

Students had the chance to connect with college representatives, meet with businesses, find a career path without a college education and get assistance with a post-secondary plan. Birchwood Cottages, an Owatonna home health care service, had one major goal when coming to the career day. A representative from Birchwood Cottages said, “We are hoping to get the word out to the students, we hope to get more younger people excited about coming to work in memory care because memory care people really need in person interactions and having more people in would really benefit them.” 


Army representatives were also here on college and career day as they also want to help students. Army representatives said, “A lot of students are looking for a lot of adventure, traveling and service to the country, so we just want to let people know that the military is more than just what they see on television and you can actually start a career in the army.” The army is one of many military options that is a branch of a country’s armed services which conducts land-based military operations. 

Finally, a representative from St. Benedict and St. Johns University had a booth at the college and career fair. She also knows what it is like to be in a student’s position. She said, “I know it’s awkward being in your guy’s position; it seems as if some students don’t know how to ask the questions they need answered, so just saying hey are you interested in a college at St. Benedict St. Johns helps.” Together, the College of Saint Benedict, for women, and Saint John’s University, for men, form a one-of-a-kind partnership of two top colleges.

At the college and career fair, the atmosphere was very welcoming and everyone was happy and excited to be there when meeting with a few of the many colleges, businesses, military personnel and student body. 

Many students said today was extremely beneficial and a great way to think about different things involving preparation for future plans. Senior Ashley Schlauderaff said, “Yes, because everything is right here, so you can explore all of your interests.” If a student wasn’t looking into college, they were also able to look at a career. Sophomore Ella Highfield said, “CFS stood out to me the most, they actually came up to us and started asking us questions.” CFS stands for crop fertility specialists and the company is committed to providing leading technology, products, and services in their corn and soybean markets to maximize returns for their customers. Overall, it was a successful day for everyone.