Medallion hunt is on the go


Designed by Parris Hovden

The 2021 medallion hunt at OHS starts Monday, Nov. 15

Parris Hovden, Writer

The medallion hunt for this year’s cash drive is on the go. One medallion will be hidden within the school for students to search for as an event for the cash drive week. Clues for where the medallion is hidden will be released daily. Announcements will start Monday, Nov. 15 at 8:05 a.m., and clues will be released via social media as well throughout the week. The clues are provided to start the search for the medallion. 

The purpose of this hunt is to provide an activity that can be participated in during the school day. OHS Student Council Adviser Ms. Sandra Justice said, “We want to recognize that students may not be able to get back to OHS for our evening activities, but we still want everyone to have the chance to be involved in OHS.” The medallion will eventually be found with help from the clues, but not necessarily on the first day. Ms. Justice said, “There is a balance of making them both ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ at the same time.” This allows students to strategize and discuss the clues to find the medallion.

There will be a 32” TV awarded to the person who finds the medallion. This hunt is being put on for the OHS cash drive. Senior Daniela Ortiz, who is a student council member, said, “The medallion hunt involves the community and engages the students. I am proud to be a part of a school that creates events which are dedicated a whole week of fundraising money towards an important cause.” This is a huge event at OHS for the cash drive and all are welcome to participate.