OHS prepares for the cash drive


Olivia Shaw

The junior class tug of war team pulls to win against the seniors

Alex Huemoeller, Writer

The OHS Cash Drive kicks off on Friday, Nov. 12 with a pepfest in the OHS Gymnasium. The week then continues with other activities including the Medallion Hunt, Coin Wars, Basketball Extravaganza, Price is Right activity night, the Mangeant and a Glow dance to conclude the week. 

This year the OHS Student Council has chosen to benefit Beds for Kids, a local non-profit that provides beds and bedding for kids in need. The decorations will be bedtime themed. In the past they have benefited organizations like We All Play and Hope for Haiti. Cash drive, being a week-long event, is special to many. The event only involves OHS students unlike a lot of the other events where OHS partners with the community or other schools in the district. Student Council Adviser Ms. Sandra Justice said, “You’re looking at 14-18 year olds coming together to try to improve the lives of other students within our community. We have an impact that is beyond these walls, and that is really neat.” Cash Drive is aiming to donate $7,000 to Beds for Kids. 

The Cash Drive theme this year is a versus week. This means that all the dress up days are things that challenge each other. Some of the dress up days this week are Vikings vs. Packers, bikers vs. surfers and country vs. country club. The dress up days are not only creative and fun, they serve a purpose as well. Student body president senior Lauren Thamert said, “We are hoping that this theme will encourage healthy competition in benefit for Beds for Kids. We are always looking for ways to further engage the student body, so hopefully we see spirited involvement and intentional donations towards the charity.” The theme also has another goal, which is, bringing together different grade levels. Ms. Justice said, “Part of the thing you want to come from the versus week is grade levels start to really bond and unite.” Cash Drive will not only help OHS raise money for those in need, but help grades and  the  school come together as one.