OHS increases safety measures

Valentina Contreras, Writer

Owatonna High School will increase safety measures starting Monday, Dec. 6 (Valentina Contreras)

On Friday, Dec. 3, Principal Mr. Kory Kath sent out an email to OHS families addressing conversations taking place at Owatonna High School and on social media. 

Administration is working on listening to any concerns to ensure they are prioritizing the health and safety of students at Owatonna High School. In the message, Mr. Kath said, “Whenever an allegation that concerns student safety is brought to our attention we immediately begin an investigation and institute appropriate safety measures, including working with local law enforcement when and if needed.” 

Following student and family’s concerns on safety Mr. Kath’s message said, ”Student safety and well-being are our number one priorities. Our high school is a safe and secure environment, with locked doors and building supervisors who check anyone entering the building. Students who have any concerns about safety are strongly encouraged to report them to any adult in the building. We work diligently to ensure that our students have a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn.”

The Owatonna Police Department and OHS Administration investigated all social media posts and found them to be unsubstantiated.

— Supt. Jeff Elstad

On the evening of Sunday, Dec 5, Superintendent Mr. Jeff Elstad sent out a message to OHS families addressing the investigations that took place over the weekend. The Owatonna Police Department and OHS Administration investigated all social media posts and found them to be unsubstantiated.

The email and voice message from Superintendent Elstad went on to outline ways OHS would increase their security measures. The message said, “Tomorrow, Monday, Dec. 6, we will take the following proactive measures to assure the safety of our students and staff.

1.Only two entrances will be available to students starting at 7:30 a.m. (Main Entrance/School Street Gym Doors 15)

2. All bags will be checked upon entry and re-entry until further notice.

3.All doors will be locked during the school day.

4.Students entering during the school day must enter through the main doors and will have their bags checked.

5.Additional supervision and law enforcement presence will be on and around campus.

Students, if you have specific concerns, please connect directly with Officer Quinlan or any of the principals.”

It is important that during this time students take the time to talk with their counselor if they are struggling with any of this information and follow the protocols listed. OHS Magnet will continue to follow this developing story.