Presenting Owatonna’s art

On Sunday, Mar. 2, West Hills unveiled the artwork of Owatonna’s talented students. That is right, the annual art show is back again. Ending on March 23, Owatonna’s March art show presents an assortment of around 60 to 80 pieces of the high school’s student art. The rest is from every other school in the district, including the ALC.

The pieces from the OHS are chosen by the art teachers, Brian Kuehn and Scott Seykora. Both teachers pick works made by freshmen to seniors. “Through the course of the year, the art assignments that we work on, someone will make something and I just happen to say ‘wow!’ and I tell them, ‘I think I want to pull and save this.’” Kuehn said. The art show has no specifics, meaning any kind of work can be shown. It all comes down to the judgment of the teacher. Kuehn and Seykora mainly looked out for student work that was worthy, with lots of creativity, skill and diversity, something that was one of a kind. Students can be entered into a show an unlimited amount of times as well, so their progress throughout the years can be shown. The district-wide art show is around for three weeks only. All of the art is displayed at West Hills, from 1-5 p.m. on weekends.