Meet the Carolers


Jack Ruiter

OHS Carolers performing holiday songs in the auditorium this season

Drew Randall, Writer

The Carolers are a group at OHS that sing holiday carols in the weeks leading up to the holiday season. They are a small group that is passionate about singing.

The OHS Carolers have to thoroughly memorize over 20 different carols. Not only do they have to sing, but they also have to memorize swaying motions that sync with the other members. OHS Choir Director and Carolers Adviser Mr. Brandon Berger said, “Most of the carolers do a really good job with the music portion of the prep, it’s the multiple verses and all the memorization of the words that become tough for them.” Expectations for members of Carolers are quite high and they pride themselves on working hard to perform well. 

Caroling at OHS is a deep-rooted tradition. They have been caroling for over 80 years. They visit all the schools and a selection of businesses to sing their carols, as well as have concerts leading into the holiday season. They have many talented singers in the group. 

This year is senior Sky Ortega’s first year participating as an OHS Caroler. Her main focus outside of school is singing. Ortega said, “I always had a passion for singing and I love performing for others.” After high school, she plans on going to Minnesota State University, Mankato to pursue a career in teaching. 

The OHS Carolers are always ready for a challenge. Senior Jackson Hemann, a member of Carolers, thinks that the most challenging part of being a Caroler is learning and memorizing all of the songs in a short period of time. Hemann said, “My favorite part of caroling is bringing joy to others and making Christmas more fun.”

Carolers have a new face as director and he is heavily qualified for the position. Mr. Berger is a seasoned director with lots of previous choir-teaching experience. Before teaching at OHS, he taught for six years at St. Michael-Albertville High School in St. Michael, Minnesota. 

 Carolers perform throughout the month of December. They performed at the downtown parade as well as the Holiday Concert. They hand pick a few select businesses to perform at. A big part of it all is performing for the elementary schools.