Gearing up for a great season


Syd Hall

Owatonna Girls hockey lines up before a big game. Their next game is Friday Dec. 17 vs. Albert Lea Tigers at home.

Shelby Born, Writer

The Owatonna Girls Hockey team is off to a great start this season. The team has new spots and has many girls stepping up.

The team has girls stepping into some pretty big shoes, but many are taking on the challenge. Coach Tony Cloud said, “We’re trying to find new players to fill in those roles. Having players step up into different roles is another big piece.” The team has high hopes for the rest of the season, Sophomore Madison McGinn said, “We became like a team, like all in one, like working together and practicing together.” There are many girls on the team and bonding is a big part of a team that works well. The girls do a lot of bonding before games, getting in the zone by jamming to music and getting ready together. 

The team has played together before and are all on the same page. Coach Cloud says, “We’ve got a very experienced group.” Last year, COVID-19 hit the team bonding hard but they worked through and played great, ending up with a record of 16-4 This year the bond is much stronger thanks to the decrease in COVID-19 restrictions. This year they are at a 6-1, just under halfway season. Captain Ezra Oien said, “So far this year we have had a great season. We have won all of our games but one and our team really has come together as one with the same end goal in mind.”

The team is working really hard and playing well together. McGinn also said, “Most of the people do know each other and have played together like in a past year. So I think really just being one as a team.” Speaking to the bond that has started in the past years between the team and how the new girls have stepped up. The girls hockey team will play next Friday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. vs. the Albert Lea Tigers at home.