Getting into the holiday season with new movies


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The new holiday movies coming out this season to spread holiday cheer

Molly Achterkirch, Writer

This year has some new exciting Christmas movies coming out. Netflix and Disney + are a big part of this year’s holiday season celebration. Netflix has many new Christmas movies coming out to help you celebrate the hoildays and the season.

The first movie that came out is A Boy Called Christmas. The movie is about a boy that wants to go on an adventure in the snowy north and to find his father who is on a quest to discover his elfs. The main actor is Henry Lawfull and it was directed by Gil Kenan. This movie came out on Nov. 26, 2021.  

Another movie that came out this holiday season is Home Sweet Home Alone. This comedy is about a married couple trying to get their teenage troublesome kid back his values. This movie came out Nov. 12, 2021. The main actress Ellie Kemper and she played Pam Mckenzie and it was directed by Dan Maze. 

8-Bit Christmas is a new comedy/ family film that was released on Nov. 25, 2021 in theaters. This movie is about a 10-year old who goes on a quest to find the best video game system for Christmas. The main actor is Winslow Fergly and it was directed by Micheal Dowse, this movie was released in the theaters. Robin Robin is a new movie that came out on Netflix on Nov. 24, 2021. Robin was raised by mice and the movie shows how he took a journey to wish upon a star.  It was directed by Dan Ojari. Another holiday movie that is coming out on Netflix is Love Hard. This movie is about a girl that wants to find love over the holidays and she finds someone over the internet and later she realizes she has been catfished. It was directed by Hernan Jimenez.

Over winter break, these new warming holiday movies are a great way to start off with winter cheer. Junior Ezra Oien said, ”The romance in them or all the cute happy endings are my favorite things about Holiday movies.”These new movies have some very good and happy endings to celebrate with. Junior Macy Stanton said,  ”I love how giving people are and how people push through the tough times together as a family.”These plotlines bring loved ones together to fix the problems and tie together the holiday season.