OHS switches to cashless online ticketing


Callie Kreutter, Writer

Owatonna High School decided to move to all online ticketing for OHS events. This decision was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as everything in society moved electronically. Moving to online ticketing has been popular with schools lately. Minnesota State High School League has partnered with Hometown Ticketing to make ticketing easier. Sections, state and Big 9 events have all moved to online ticketing just like if you were going to a Vikings, Minnesota Wild or Gophers game. 

People have been wondering why OHS is moving more and more online and now with ticketing. OHS Athletic Director Mr. Marc Achterkirch said, “It’s a safety concern having all that cash, we have ticket sellers and takers leaving off site venues with large sums of cash. It also helps with our accounting and our auditing, overall it’s hard handling all that money.” 

It’s a safety concern having all that cash.

— Marc Achterkirch

OHS is going to make online ticketing easy and accessible for everyone, especially our older generation. Achterkirch said, “Our older generation might not have phones so we are going to have things accessible.” If a person has a computer, they can go to the Owatonna Activities page and purchase tickets there. From there a person can print the tickets and use the QR code to get in. If someone doesn’t have a printer, they have a list of names in their scanner and they can look them up and get them in. OHS is making the transition to online ticketing as easy as possible. Grandparents or community members in the district that are over the age of 62 can get a free hard card activity pass. 

People can purchase tickets through the Hometown ticketing app and scan it at the entrance to get in or go to owatonnaactivities.com, go to ticketing, choose the event and purchase them there. In the app, search Owatonna in the search bar, click Owatonna Senior High School, click on the event to order tickets. People can also get an activity pass that costs $40 for students. There are other options for the community to purchase including adults ($93), husband/wife ($143), district employee spouse pass ($48) and senior citizens in the district can get a free hard card but out of district is $43. This pass only covers regular season home games. Online ticketing has been described as extremely easy.Gate attendants will be available to help.