Best usable apps


Lane Wagner, Writer

One of the top games that has taken the app store by storm is the new Pokemon Unite game.  This game is a five on five battle arena game with a team to secure the most points by battling the enemy– Pokemon.  Players  can level up their characters to evolve and get new moves. It is also cross-platform so iPhone users can play with Android users also. 

Another top game is Tiny Island Survival. Some quick insight on the game is how to start out cutting down trees and working up the ladder, this way up to get new tools such as axes, pickaxes, shovels and swords. Characters on the island help players get these tools to stop the un-dead from gathering all the resources and stealing them away.

The most popular music app in 2021 is Spotify. It has 320 million monthly active users and more than 144 million paying subscribers. Spotify’s specialty is how to like a song and always go back to it. It is possible to search for any song. It is also one of the easiest music apps to create  a playlist and is consistently recognized as the best streaming app for music. 

Lastly, the Fit-bod App. This app is a workout app, being an easy tool to use to get in shape. The Fit-bod App lets everyone customize their workout program and has a variety of workouts to choose from whether it involves body, weight training, lifting weights or also combining workouts together.. It even has a circuit in which  it involves all three training programs. These are some of the best and enjoyable apps on the app store.