Sing 2 makes an out of this world production


Bella Voigt, Staff writer

Who can resist singing animals? Sing 2, the sequel to the 2016 animated hit Sing, has the crowd roaring with over 40 different songs featuring Billie Eilish to Taylor Swift. It’s a vibrant, amusing comedy produced by returning writer-director Garth Jennings.

Koala bear Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) is back along with all the other animated animals that took the stage in Sing at Buster Moon theater. Moon is trying to take his cast to the biggest production theater: Redshore city, an animal crazed Las Vegas. Turns out it wasn’t easy to score points with the boss that runs this glam theater.

Sing 2 takes place at the greatest theater in Redshore City where the showstopping play is put on. Moon has to impress Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), the man who runs it all. As a white wolf, his fangs are not the only thing tearing through the crowd. Crystal is looking for a show stopping crowd to put on his biggest production of the year. Moon along with Gunther (Nick Kroll), a German pig, pitch a sci-fi outer space performance that Crystal cannot help but take on. Their mention of Nick Callaway, a lost lion, as the lead star leaves the wolf howling for this production.

The set of this play has many entertaining pieces as rock star porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson) pursues her love for Callaway (Bono) and sets out on a trip to hunt him down. Callaway is still longing for his past lioness who inspired him to produce all his songs and Ash is convinced she can get him to star in the show. While the hunt is going on, Moon is scrambling to create a show stopping production while Crystal threatens Moon’s life every waking moment. Can Moon’s cast master this out of this world play with their voices and terrific dance moves and prove to Crystal they can create the best production crystal tower had ever seen? Junior Cheyenne Peterson said, “This movie was so cute with the variety of music and dancing animals.”To find out more, check out the movie in nearby theatres. 

Nick Callaway was played by U2 frontman Bono who wanted to describe the nature of singing and showed that greatly through his music. Calloway was a lone lion longing for his lioness and felt as if had no purpose. Ash convinced him music could heal which goes hand in hand with how Bono felt connected to the play and script. Bono contributed his unique song with the cast of Sing 2 which helped set the whole mood of the production- a closing statement. 

Voice work is incredibly sound in this production and keeps the audience on their seats hearing the music that pulls the production together. Junior Ruthey Nowak said, “Such a great family film, my sisters really enjoyed it.”The talents are explored through this film with karate to dance to breathtaking voices. Buster Moon showed it all. Sing 2 made a whopping 247 million dollars on opening weekend along with a 98% thumbs up from Rotten Tomatoes. This show is nothing less than extraordinary and this is shown with the show stopping musical. Sing 2 is available in theaters now and streamed on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.