A new era for the OHS Boys Hockey team


Tom Hanson

The boys hockey team celebrates a goal with a huddle in the corner against the Faribault Falcons.

Ashton Hoffman, Writer

The OHS Boys Hockey team’s season began in early december and they have been competing on the ice throughout this winter. The Huskies have had some bumps in the road throughout the season and have not started the way they had hoped to. Even though the first half of the season has not been the strongest for the Huskies, the team is poised to turn it around.  

The Huskies have started a new era this season as they are led by a new head coach, Coach Dave Fromm. Coach Fromm is determined to help all levels of the Owatonna Hockey program reach a new higher level of play. He has brought many changes to the high school team, all of which are designed to higher players’ intelligence on the ice. Senior captain Joey Dub said,“There’s been a whole new culture with the new coach, and he’s been pushing everyone to be better, so that’s been nice to see.”

Injuries and some mistakes make our record look worse than we have played this year.

— Assistant coach Justin Fletcher

The OHS Boys Hockey team has had to deal with a lot of adversity this hockey season. With injuries taking out many of the hockey team’s key members. Luckily though, most of the injured players are expected to return to play later in the season. Assistant Coach Justin Fletcher said, “Injuries and some mistakes make our record look worse than we have played this year.” Despite all the injuries the coaching staff has a positive outlook for the rest of the season. The boys hockey team’s next home game is Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Four Seasons Centre, at 7:00 p.m. vs. Rochester John Marshall.