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OHS students and staff showcase their personalities through laptop stickers

In recent years, it has become more popular for people of all ages to put stickers on personal items such as water bottles, cars and laptops. Using these items as a blank canvas, they can curate a story about their life and personality using a variety of stickers. At OHS, many students and staff do this as well, whether it’s for self expression or simply needing a place to put stickers they’ve collected over the years. This collection of OHS students and staff, along with their laptops personalized with stickers, tells a story both about these individuals and the variety in personality and experience of the OHS community.

Senior Dakota Kath
Freshman Erin Baker
Senior Julia Christenson
Science teacher Mr. Seth Muir
Senior Dylan Meiners
Junior Aiden Engel
Spanish teacher Ms. Nikki Snyder Roberts
Senior Justice Holmes
Senior Fardouza Farah

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