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Claire Heyne

Freshman Erin Baker’s laptop showcases her own drawings and creativity.

Freshman Erin Baker

“I started drawing all those things a while back when I first started the school year, and I made them in like notebooks and stuff, especially my Spanish homework, and then I saw my friend had taken their notebook doodles and put it on the front of their sketchbook and I was like, ‘I want to do that to my laptop because my laptop looks really boring right now.’ And so I took them out and put them on things like wax paper, put tape on the bottom of it, and then I slapped some tape on the top and I cut them out and put them on my laptop.”

“They’re mostly wild mushroom people. I don’t really have anything behind them. I want to put a story behind them because that would be fun. I call them shroom people.”

Do you feel like they represent you?

“Yeah. Just like cottagecore kind of thing. And I want to decorate my laptop with cottage stickers.”

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