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Valentina Contreras

Spanish teacher Ms. Nikki Snyder Roberts poses with her laptop that features stickers relating to her role as an educator.

Spanish teacher Ms. Nikki Snyder Roberts

“Alright, well I have a ‘Teaching Over Zoom 2020.’ I don’t think that needs any explanation right, pandemic distance learning. Although I guess we used to go to Google meets instead of Zoom. Mankato State, that is where I did my master’s program. And also I teach Spanish four and five which is through that university. They sent me that nice little sticker. The ‘Apathy Is Not an Option’ comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a really important group that works towards equity. And, you know, doing something, taking action seems to be a better thing than doing nothing, right. So saying that it’s not an option. ‘Educators deserve more.’ Again, it’s been a rough few years. So I think I got that from our National Education Association, which is a teacher’s group throughout the whole country. And my last one I bought in Stillwater, it says, ‘I Believe in RBG.’ So Ruth Bader Ginsburg is kind of a hero of mine and I read her book and she was pretty awesome and did lots of great things.”

Which sticker is most meaningful to you?

“Well, I maybe would pick this apathy is not an option because, you know, being lazy and not caring and not doing things is just not going to work. For me as a teacher, and I think as a society, we need to do more, not less.”

Why do you put stickers on your laptop?

“I didn’t really think about doing it until I got one of them and I didn’t really know where to put it because I don’t really put stickers places. And I thought, well, I’ll put them here. That way people can see them and I could be reminded of their meaning to me.”


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