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Claire Heyne

Senior Justice Holmes shows a variety of laptop stickers that represent her childhood and values.

Senior Justice Holmes

“A lot of them are from some of my favorite movies of all time that I grew up watching. The Melanzana is something that I got from my best friend’s mom, because she wants to take all of us there someday. I have Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Speak the Ruth), rest in peace, as well as a sticker just empowering women (I won’t be remembered as a woman who kept her mouth shut). I like to keep them on here just as a reminder to myself who I am.”

Which sticker is your favorite? 

“Oh, my favorite, probably Howl’s Moving Castle (bottom center).”

Which sticker is most meaningful to you? 

“Most meaningful, probably the small bunnies just because I got them from my Nana when I was really little.”

Why do you put stickers on your laptop? 

“I put stickers on my laptop because it’s something that represents who I am and it’s a conversation starter.”


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