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Claire Heyne

Senior Fardouza Farah highlights her participation and activism advocating for things she’s passionate about with a collage of stickers on her laptop.

Senior Fardouza Farah

“Okay, so I have a ‘Hope for Haiti’ sticker, which was one of our StudCo things a while back. I have ‘I got vaccinated’ with the Planned Parenthood thing, which is a vaccination campaign I worked with. And then I have ‘Know your worth then add tax.’ It’s a very cringy political joke that I love.”

Which sticker is your favorite? 

“My favorite is this dog and the duck (bottom left). I don’t know why, it’s just a dog and a duck. 

Which sticker is most meaningful to you? 

“I like my ‘The Body Org’ one. It’s like an organization that I work with.”

Why do you put stickers on your laptop? 

“Because I don’t like boring laptops.”

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