OHS Knowledge Bowl team buzzing in at their first meet


Dan Saehler

OHS students pose for a picture at one of their practices

Maria Schwab and Henry Bon

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, Knowledge Bowl had their first meet. Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition that tests both speed and memory. Three teams, consisting of four players each,  listen to questions and buzz in when they know the answer. 

The Knowledge Bowl is pretty easy to understand. Coach Dan Saehler said, “Teams score points by answering questions correctly. It runs a lot like Jeopardy.” The questions cover many subjects ranging from a wide variety such as, science, math, geography, pop culture and history. 

At the first meet, Owatonna had three teams, with the highest-placing team scoring sixth out of 30. Junior David Smith said, “The members of the team complement each other, as so many topics are asked about, cooperation is necessary.” He has high hopes for the future as the team had two missing members. This year there are 14 students involved in the Knowledge Bowl.

Practices take place after school every Tuesday in Mr. Jacob Kringen’s room. Knowledge Bowl is an opportunity for social connection. Junior Karrin Sackett, a member of the team, said, “I enjoy getting to know my team and it’s fun to compete against other teams.” Knowledge Bowl is a great way to bring OHS students together with similar interests learning about the world around them while also being competitive at the same time. 

The Knowledge Bowl team is looking forward to the rest of the season. The team’s next meet is Thursday, Feb. 3 in Mankato.