OHS students’ favorite foods


Alex Huemoeller, Writer

With so many food options in Owatonna, it is hard to choose just one. After trying some restaurants and interviewing OHS students, here is a review of some student favorites.

Coffee shops 

First up is Owatonna’s local coffee shops. These are known as Central Park Coffee(CPC) and Old Town Bagels(OTB). Central Park Coffee is mainly known for their delicious waffles and wide variety of coffee as well as other drinks. CPC also offers wraps, salads and sandwiches. The waffles have unique flavors like cinnamon roll, blueberry lemon and cereal killer. 

Old Town Bagels is known for their homemade bagels and cream cheeses as well as their unique variety of meal choices. They also offer coffees and other assorted drinks. OTB has sandwich bagels, pizza bagels and bagels with cream cheese. With a bagel order, you get to choose from a wide range of flavors like blueberry sugar, kitchen sink and many more. OTB has recently begun expanding their menu to include soups, wraps and ice cream. 

Though both OTB and CPC are great options, when interviewing students there was a clear answer as to which one is liked better. Most students said Old Town Bagels is their favorite. Senior Luke Wottreng said, “They’ve got really good bagels with a big menu and the new building is sweet.” Honestly, it is impossible to go wrong with either coffee shop, both have great food. With so many food options in Owatonna, it is hard to choose just one. After trying some restaurants and interviewing OHS students, here is a review of some student favorites. 


Mizuki Fusion was another popular answer when students were asked their favorite restaurants in Owatonna. Mizuki Fusion is a Japanese and Thai restaurant that sells many different options. Between sushi, hibachi, tempura, fried rice and many other options, there really is no wrong answer for what to get. Before COVID-19 restrictions Mizuki Fusion was a sit down restaurant, now it transformed into take out only.   Mizuki has been able to find a way around that with their pick up system. Customers can order online through their website or call to place an order which can be picked up at the restaurant. It is a super fast and simple process. Senior Ethan Hoffman said, “I always order the chicken fried rice. The service is quick and the decor creates a good vibe.” Mizuki is a delicious restaurant that adds some diversity to the food options in Owatonna. 

Another Owatonna restaurant staple is Mexican food. With over five Mexican restaurants in the area, there are many choices that offer plenty of different options like Don Juan Cantina & Grill, El Tequila, Plaza Morena, Red and Green Burrito, Pupuseria La Paz, La Bamba Restaurant and Graces Tex-Mex. The two most popular are El Tequila and Plaza Morena. Both restaurants are quite similar since they both offer a wide variety of options to choose from. They offer things like enchiladas, burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos. Senior Maria Mollenhauer said, “The beef enchiladas from El Tequila are my favorite. I also really like the salsa and the rice.” There is no wrong answer when choosing a Mexican restaurant in Owatonna, although El Tequila and Plaza Morena seem to be the favorites among students at OHS. 

Overall, Owatonna has food and drinks to satisfy any craving that any person might have. Whether someone is looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner Owatonna has it. These local restaurants really do have it all. They all are easy to find with a quick google search. These restaurants make Owatonna great. Someone can not go wrong choosing any of them.

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