Snow Week’s King and Queen is announced


Ava Wolfe

2022 Snow Week Queen Audrey Simon and King Sam Pfieffer were crowned on Friday, Feb.4.

Ava Wolfe, Writer

Snow Week breaks up the winter blues everyone experiences. The Top 12 King and Queen were chosen by the students to be a part of the snow week court. Then it was revealed that instead of 12, there would be 13 king and queen candidates. Out of the 13, the votes were then trimmed down to the Top 5 for each gender. The pepfest this year is a little longer than normal. The top five individuals must each have to perform a skit for the school’s students and staff, with the students voting for which skit they enjoy the best, they will vote them for king or queen. The pepfest was full of laughter, memories and excitement. 

This year’s 2022 Snow King is Samuel Pfieffer. His skit during the pepfest was a griddy dance (started by Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings) competition between students and staff. Snow King Samuel Pfieffer wanted an opportunity to show off his “griddy” dance and being apart of Top 5 allowed him to do so. Pfieffer said, “It just really proves I am the best gridder in the school, it feels great.” 

The Snow Queen is Audrey Simon. Her skit during the pepfest was “writing” and “reading” thank you notes to staff members (idea from Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon). Snow Queen Audrey Simon is very honored to represent the class of 2022. Simon said, “It is a pretty big honor, I guess it means I am funny.”

The Winter Olympics are the theme of this year’s snow week. Dress up days will be held at school next week, from Feb. 7 -11. Monday is Airport Apparel (comfy clothes and pj’s), Tuesday is Jersey Day, Wednesday is Opening Ceremony (unite together in groutfits), Thursday is Olympic teams (dress to support your favorite Olympic team), and Friday is Frozen Friday (blue Husky pride). Boys volleyball (powerbuff is a $5 entry fee), and free admission to sporting events are among the events that will take place. Boys hockey and girls basketball are two sports that will be free student entry. To be eligible for free admission, students must show their student ID.