College is still worth it


J. Wieman, Writer

As children, people would dream of becoming a doctor, an astronaut, a pilot, a veterinarian, or maybe even a chemist mixing concoctions in a lab. However, as people grow older, the future of their lives knocking on the door, waiting for answers, they start to think that maybe chasing those dreams is not worth the struggles of college. With underlying issues like student debt and stress from school work, many more people are straying further away from dealing with college and its issues. But with the growing job pool and increasing opportunities in fields of expertise that require college, those temporary setbacks may well be worth pushing through.

One instance for example, would be the growing need for doctors in today’s society. The American Association of Medical Colleges, notes that, as our population continues to age, injuries and illnesses will become more abundant, meaning more people will need treatment. Every day it seems that the number of doctors dwindles to fewer than before, leaving a shortage of important figures in the medical field such as physicians and surgeons, so as those people retire or quit, who will take their places if students do not go to college? After all, in order to become a doctor, one would need a Medical Degree in the trade, and then more years of medical school, as well as a few years long internship, but the starting payout is very high and worthwhile. This being said, if students stopped going to college, we would soon run out of doctors to tend to the ill.

On the topic of illness, nobody would be able to take care of the beloved companion animals that bring so much joy, if they were to get sick. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that, The job market for veterinarians continues to grow due to more people increasing their expenses on pets and their care. As more and more people across the nation bring pets into their family, More veterinarians are needed to care for them. But without going to college, obtaining the degree required in the field and then going to veterinary school, these loving friends would have nobody to give them the aid they need in their trying times of injury and illness. This is solely because the amount of pets would soon greatly outnumber the amount of animals a single veterinarian could tend to, which means more opportunity for increased payout, giving yet another incentive for students to go to college. 

With a degree, the opportunity for higher paying jobs in growing markets promise student debt to be easier to pay off. Many of these jobs are also growing in demand, creating further opportunity for students with a degree, students are becoming more aware of these possibilities. OHS junior Jackson Degrood said, “I think college is necessary. If you want a good job that can pay for your living situation, I think the best route is college.” With a growing population, the new age of America needs students to fill these degree required positions more than ever.