Serving up for Snow Week


Kennedy Wilker

The undefeated Junior team of OHS’ first ever Powderbuff Volleyball event.

Kennedy Wilker, Writer

For Snow Week this year, OHS switched things up and started a new tradition called “Powderbuff”. This event showcased a team formed of boys in each grade to compete in a game of volleyball against other grade levels. Each grade assembled their own team with no limit of players. Two to three varsity volleyball players from each grade rose up to coach each team.

This was the first snow week event this year. Powderbuff took place on Monday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. in the OHS gym and  the cost was  $5 to play or watch. This was a traditional game of volleyball full of spirit. The theme for the week is the Olympics and the game resembled Olympic volleyball. Senior Powderbuff coach Bailey Manderfeld said, “Powderbuff is a good way to encourage some extra school spirit and competition among the school.” Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors faced off to represent their grade level in a friendly game filled with competition, just like the Olympics. 

Last spring, each grade level formed a team of girls to play football. The girls version of football called “Powder Puff” was such a hit that OHS students decided to create a spin-off version for the boys. Senior Jake Seykora said, “I was so excited for the game. It was such a fun night to get competitive with my friends.” The game on Monday was a great way for students to get involved and support their classmates. 

The first two teams to play were the freshmen and juniors followed by sophomores vs. seniors, sophomores vs. juniors, teachers vs. juniors and freshmen vs seniors. The final outcome of the games was the juniors taking the victory and the title of being undefeated. The sophomores placed second, seniors third and freshmen fourth. Various OHS teachers participated in playing against the winning team. The teams played hard and fought to win.