Anderson pursues her lacrosse journey at Baldwin Wallace University


Thomas Hanson

Anderson Signing on NCAA Signing day.

Molly Achterkirch, writer

Zoe Anderson is very excited to further her schooling and athletics at Baldwin Wallace University playing Division III lacrosse. Anderson has always dreamed of playing lacrosse at the next level since she was a varsity lacrosse goalie in eighth grade. Anderson knew that her lacrosse days were not over after high school. 

Anderson has been playing for nine years and knew lacrosse was a huge part of her life. Anderson is super excited to play at Baldwin Wallace University located in Berea, Ohio. 

“I am super excited for the competition and I will have another goalie to compete with for playing time, but I will have a buddy to have fun with.” 

— Zoe Anderson

Anderson is going to further her education at Baldwin Wallace University and major in Chemical Engineering. Anderson said, “I highly enjoy science. It just clicks in my brain.” Anderson said BW was not her first choice originally but she fell in love with the school and the coaches. Anderson was blown away by how amazing the coaches were and she does not picture herself going anywhere else. Anderson said, “If I had a dream college BW would be it.” 

Anderson is not ready to give up a sport that she loves that has been a big part of her life. Anderson said that she is going to miss the people and coaches. Assistant coach Page Radue said, “Zoe is a very driven and focused athlete. She has a very strong high lacrosse IQ. Anderson sees the field so well and provides great direction to her teammates.” Anderson has her senior year left to play at Owatonna High School in the spring. Anderson’s friends, family, coaches and teammates are all wishing her the best this upcoming season and wish her the best in her future.