Pack OHS gym for Adaptive Floor Hockey


Thomas Hanson

OHS Adaptive Floor Hockey will host a home game in the OHS Gym on Monday, Feb. 14 at 5 p.m.

Marlee Dutton, Writer

The Owatonna Adaptive Floor Hockey’s season is underway. With one game under their belt, they are poised for a good season. The team is looking forward to getting more games in this year, last year they were not able to play many games so the players are ready to get out there and compete. 

The team is playing really well with each other, Coach John Scheil said, “We are starting to put the pieces together to be a very good team. Offensively we know where to be and what to do, which puts us in great positions to score. We also have some aggressive defenders who are doing a good job protecting our goalie.” The team has great leadership and are ready for a competitive season. 

The Huskies have some influential senior players including, Chloe Talley, Kerryn Keller and Ryan Gander. Senior Kerryn Keller said, “I’m looking forward to having fun and getting a lot of goals. My favorite part of being a part of the team is being a good player and helping everyone else out.” Keller has stepped up and plays all positions, making her a valuable player who barely leaves the floor. Talley has a powerful shot which makes her a great weapon offensively even though she primarily plays defense. Gander plays an important offensive role providing the team many scoring opportunities. 

The Huskies are working hard and playing well together which will make this an exciting season. Come out to support the team, their next game is Monday, Feb. 14 at 5 p.m. vs. Dakota United. This game will be played at Owatonna High school. This is the second time in the team’s history that one of their games will be played at Owatonna High School. After Feb. 14, the rest of the teams games will be played at the Owatonna Middle School.