Kanin Hable commits to Simpson College


Parris Hovden

Kanin Hable as he receives his 100th win award.

Evan Dushek, Writer

Kanin Hable is a senior on the Owatonna Wrestling team. With state tournament aspirations, he will likely be awarded the one seed in his section and is therefore a favorite to make a state appearance. This is not unusual for Hable, he competed in state as a freshman and plans to make some noise in state as a senior.  Hable will take his talent to the college level as he competes at Simpson College and will focus on the Greco Roman style of wrestling. 

Simpson College is located in Indianola, Iowa and is known for its liberal arts school. Simpson has a student population of about 2,000 students and is one of the only private schools in the area. Their wrestling team is nearing the end of the 2021-22 season with a 7-7 record overall, and overall individual record of 192-182. 

Hable is known for bringing his fearlessness and passion to the mat everytime he competes, Huskies head coach Derek Johnson said, “He’s the type of wrestler that you can show a move and he’ll try it in his next match.” Another way Hable displays his fearlessness is his willingness to step up and wrestle opponents bigger than him.  

His passion for the sport is what will make him successful at the next level,  especially focusing on the Greco Roman style. Coach Johnson said, “That’s always been his passion and skill set. I’m excited to see what he does in a college weightlifting program and having Greco Roman coaching.” 

Hable chose to attend Simpson college for their medical programs as well as the team and staff he wishes to be a part of. Hable said, “I’m excited to put Simpson on the map for Division III college wrestling and be able to help build a good team.”  As his senior season comes to a close, Hable looks to finish his high school career strong and continue that into his future college career.