YSL: Serving the Community


Makynlee Prokopec, Writer

YSL stands for Youth Service Leadership the class provides opportunities for students to becomeme more active citizens meeting the needs of the surrounding schools and the community through volunteer service. Students volunteer three days a week at multiple locations throughout the community. Students taking the class become more aware of volunteer opportunities within the community through class projects, intergenerational activities and interactive classroom presentations. 

The class was created to get kids within OHS out to help and positively impact the local community. Ms. Connie Pittmann teaches the semester class. She helps students engage in service leadership throughout the block period. Ms. Pittmann said, “Students must be responsible and have excellent attendance.” Through YSL students are able to learn soft learning skills and see personal growth in and out of the classroom. 

YSL is available for incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors with no prerequisites needed. The ability to work independently and having strong organizational skills are keys to success in YSL. Senior Makenna Dempsy said, “Some of the most important qualities a student can have going into a class like YSL is to be patient, outgoing and responsible. These are important skills to have because kids within the community look up to you”. The YSL class offers many in and out of class experiences that require strong dedication from students.