Shamrock Shake Shakedown


Source: McDonald's Website

Closer look at the shamrock shake and what it looks like.

Zachary Nechanicky, Writer

Shamrock shakes are back at McDonald’s for a limited time. A shamrock shake is a drink that comes around for only a short period of time each year at McDonald’s. When items are made limited at Mcdonald’s, they tend to be popular and people hear about them and are eager to try them. The Shamrock Shake was released on Feb.21, and stays purchasable until the end of March. The drink is only available during this period of time to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The drink is a green color to go with the St. Patrick’s Day theme and it has a minty but delightful taste. 

The Shamrock shake is made up of vanilla ice cream, McDonald’s shamrock shake syrup and topped with light whipping cream. The drink itself is not very expensive and stays under three dollars. The cost for a small Shamrock Shake is $2.19, the price for a medium is $2.59 and the price for a large is $2.99. Senior Devon Roush  said, “They are definitely worth the price, you really get your bang for your buck.”

McDonald’s has some competition with Arby’s when it comes to the minty shake. Arby’s mint shake is similar in the minty taste but also includes Andes mint and chocolate. Arby’s mint chocolate shake is made up of ice cream, Andes mints, chocolate syrup and milk. Arby’s mint shake comes out after Christmas and stays available until about February or March. The drink only comes in 20 oz. cup, however, which costs $2.99. That could pose a problem to people who may want to get a different size of the drink but that is something that will have to be taken into consideration when going out to purchase a minty drink.