Successful female three sport athlete Hillary Haarstad


Zach Nechanicky

Hillary Haarstad attacking the ball for the girls OHS soccer team

Ava Wolfe, Writer

Being a three-sport athlete necessitates a lot of effort. There are a great number of female students at OHS who tackle multiple sports at once. Hillary Haarstad, a senior at OHS, is one of those many female athletes who tackles playing three sports while juggling school. 

Haarstaad’s three-sport athlete experience has been challenging but rewarding. Haarstad said, “The most challenging part about being a three sport athlete is not really getting a break between seasons and balancing school and other activities at the same time.” Haarstad is involved in soccer, basketball and track. Throughout her career in these sports, she has had many accomplishments which include being named captain her senior year for soccer and track, receiving all-conference two years in a row for soccer, being awarded most valuable offensive player two years back to back for soccer and lastly receiving all-conference honorable mention this past basketball season. 

In these many sports, multiple coaches have attested to her admirable qualities. Head girls track and field coach Debby Gleason said, “She is always willing to help out younger athletes and do what needs to be done and has a great positive attitude to lead by example.” While a leader on the track, her leadership and athletic skills show on the field. Head girls soccer coach Nate Gendron said, “Being a three sport athlete, Hillary is able to utilize her athleticism from other sports and implement it into play to make her a better player. Her involvement with sports has helped with game recognition, vision, coordination and competitive will.” With Haarstad’s well rounded abilities, it has made her a great contributor to each team she has been a part of. 

To balance sports while in high school, students must have good time management, communicate with teachers and coaches, be responsible, keep track of due dates, practice and game times and much more. Playing multiple sports and/or being a part of multiple activities keeps students engaged throughout their high school years. Playing multiple sports is also the best direction for the three to five percent of high school athletes who will play at the college level. Studies show that playing multiple sports leads to better muscle, motor and skill development. Next year, Hillary plans to attend the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse to major in marketing.