Testing starts at OHS


Kennedy Wilker, Writer

With the end of the year approaching, it is now the time of the year for standardized testing. On Tuesday April 26th, Juniors will be taking the ACT test, sophomores will take the MCA reading and – no science tests and freshmen and seniors will have Tuesday off. On Thursday April 28th, the sophomores will take the science portion of the MCA and juniors will take the math portion. The rest of the week are non-testing days and will run as normal.

The ACT is a test used for college admission decisions. The test features math, science, english, reading and writing portions. Once students are finished, scores will be submitted and emailed back to students within a few weeks. Junior Allison Wasieleski said, “The ACT prep within my classes is something I used to study for the test.” Numerous study tools give students the resources they need to practice for this test. 

The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) are tests for the state that many students are already familiar with taking.  Wasieleski said, “I have taken the (MCA) tests since elementary school.” The MCA test features reading, math and science portions. Students have been informed about the runthrough of testing in the compass newsletter. 

Students will report to their designated testing class room and will run through a set up process with their proctor. OHS Assistant Principal Hollie Jeska said, “Every student should prioritize coming to their test on time and know where your testing site is before you come to school.” Testing locations will be posted on Monday April 25th. Once students are finished testing, lunch will be provided. The Bus schedule will run as normal on both testing days. If students finish testing early, they are advised to work on classwork in the cafeteria and lower commons.  

Students taking a test should get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and come prepared for their test. Sophomore Anna Koslosky said, “It is important to get lots of rest and wake up early so your mind can be alert.” Students should prepare with these simple tasks to set them up for success. Sophomore Jack Thamert said, “A good start to the day and coming prepared can make a big difference when it comes to test taking.” Students should bring in their school chromebook fully charged, a pencil, and a graphing calculator if needed. Make sure to leave phones and devices like Apple watches outside of the testing room.