Boys tennis off to a hot start

CJ Theis, Writer

The Owatonna Boys Tennis team is off to a hot start, starting the season with a 6-0 record. The Huskies success is coming from great depth throughout the team from junior captain Maclean Pilcher to exhibition player Thomas Hanson. Coming off their biggest win of the year so far against Rochester Lourdes winning 4-3, the Huskies are feeling confident. 

The Huskies are inexperienced but they are determined to get better and get= ready for the strong competition. When coach Curt Matejcek talked about this year’s team he first described them as inexperienced, but the talent level is still there. There is a lot to look forward to for the Huskies. Matejcek said, “We are excited for the upcoming strong competition including Lakeville North and Lakeville South.”The Huskies are looking to continue their success against strong competition . Second year captain Maclean Pilcher is a great reason for the Huskies success while he’s been on the team during his high school career. Pilcher said, “It feels good, but we all lead by example.” 

There have been many favorite moments even early in the season. Matejcek said, “We have first year seniors and juniors that have sprinkled in and I think seeing their growth in leadership has been my favorite.” Players have their own favorites, Pilcher said, “Definitely team dinners with all the guys.” The Huskies are a closely knit team, and this will help them make a run at a Big 9 title.  

The Huskies are looking to keep the winning streak going. The Huskies will play their next game on Thursday, in Rochester Century at 4:30 p.m.