Teachers pied in the face for a good cause


Syd Hall

Math teacher Mr. James Dahlgren getting pied in the face by Mr. Pat Churchill.

Izaya Vazquez , Writter

Big Brothers-Big Sisters is an organization that helps mentor younger students. OHS students have the opportunity to help mentor an elementary or middle school student. The organization  put on a fundraiser around OHS by raising money to pie teachers in the face. The money being raised goes to a fundraiser called Bowl for Kids’ Sake where the ‘bigs’ and the ‘littles’ have the opportunity to go bowling together.  Schools around the district competed to see who could raise the most money. 

In early April, Owatonna High School students and teachers were made aware of the fundraiser efforts by an announcement. The fundraiser kicked off on April 18 and ended on April 24. Adviser of Big Brothers-Big Sisters Ms. Beth Fink said,“In previous years the winning school had about $2,500-2,600.”  At the Bowl for Kids’ Sake event OHS donated The final total of the fundraiser was $3,006.92 

Students started to engage by putting money into a bucket with a teacher’s picture on the outside of the buckets. There were only two pies so just the top two teachers, Mr. Dahlgren and Ms. Duffy, got pied. The pieing took place after school on Wednesday, students lined up in the commons to watch it unfold. Mr. Dahlgren said,”I felt like it was kinda rigged. I wasn’t so mad about getting pied in the face because it was for a good cause.” 

Students got attracted by the opportunity watching teachers get pied in the face, and now many students want to get more involved in Big Brothers -Big sisters.  Junior ‘Big’ Mikayla McGurren said, “Students can become a big. We have an informational meeting about becoming one in May. We will have donuts and talk about what it’s like to be a big and the commitment you need.” Many elementary and middle school students are impacted through this organization with the bond that the ‘little’ builds with their ‘big’ partner.  The “Big” and Little”  will meet anytime  throughout the week. Students can get in contact with Ms.Fink or Ms. Casie DeVos to get more information on getting involved with the Big Brothers- Big Sisters organization.