Grace Jacobs takes her talent to the next level


Grace Jacobs is an avid member of the OHS orchestra and will be taking her talents to Missouri State University.

Olivia McDermott, Writer

Everyone is gifted with some sort of talent in their life. For some it is sports, others arts or others schooling. For senior Grace Jacobs it is the ability to play the violin. Violin has been a part of her life since elementary school when playing the violin first sparked her interest. 

Violin became part of Jacob’s life in elementary school. Jacobs said, “In third grade when the highschoolers came and played for the elementary schools, I thought the violin sounded really cool so I started playing that summer.” Jacobs has dedicated countless hours into the instrument which has gotten her to the point where she is now. Her hard work and dedication to the instrument has certainly paid off. OHS orchestra teacher Ms. Sandra Justice said, “She has never been shy to work on bowing or work with the section.” She not only has dedicated countless hours to improve her own talent, but also never hesitates to help others. Jacobs will be taking her talents to Missouri State University where she will continue playing the violin.

She has never been shy to work on bowing or work with the section.”

— Ms. Sandra Justice

Violin can not only benefit the lives of others but also the lives of those  who play it. Jacobs has been able to use playing the violin as a creative outlet and a way to express herself. Jacobs said, “Playing helps me destress and I can play my emotions.” The violin has improved her own life but also the many listeners she has performed for. Jacobs is a part of the Owatonna High School Orchestra which has allowed her to play in countless concerts and performances. Justice said, “Grace is a solid leader who brings a lot of different skills to the ensemble.” Grace is a leader and phenomenal role model for everyone in the orchestra. 

In the fall, Jacobs will be headed off to college where she will continue pursuing her musical career. She has various goals she wants to accomplish while attending college. Jacobs said, “My goals in college are to have fun and make new friends.” Being involved in the musical world allows musicians to meet new people all while continuing to play an instrument. Jacobs is unsure whether or not she will continue playing the violin after college, but is looking forward to continuing her musical career throughout college at Missouri State University.