New Netflix series touches the hearts of many


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Throughout the series viewers will get to see Nick and Charlies relationship develop.

Norah Sletten, Writer

The new Netflix series Heartstopper gained critical attention from many teens due to its diversity and LGBTQ+ representation. There are few series that represent all members of the community without feeding into stereotypes. It follows the plot of the teenager Charlie Springs and his high school experience along with his best friends Tao, Elle and Isaac. His life takes a dazzling turn when he joins the rugby team and befriends the star player, Nick Nelson. The show will take its viewers through the journey of being a teenager that is discovering who they truly are. Starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor, the series hit the streaming service on April 22, 2022.

The series gained a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 98% on its audience score. It doesn’t matter who the viewer is or where they come from because everyone will see a part of themselves in this new, heartwarming series. A character that many have been able to relate to is Nick Nelson, a teenager at the peak of popularity at Truham Grammar School for Boys. Nelson is perceived as a typical high school boy who plays sports and keeps his grades in check. But he begins to explore himself more when he develops a crush on the newest member of the rugby team, Charlie Springs. The show does an excellent job of communicating how confusing and frustrating highschool years can be. This time in life for teenagers is a period of self discovery, and that is exactly what it is exhibited as for the characters in Heartstopper. 

Among some of the students who were able to connect with the show is freshman Norah Kath. She said, “This show not only represented love but also mental health and other factors that play into being a teenager.” Facing the obstacles that come with being a teenager is much easier when you know you are not alone in your experiences. Junior Lily Moriarty said, “I love how we are getting more representation in the media, especially with people of color. It was really refreshing to see.” The series proves that when a community is exemplified correctly, it can be beneficial for all viewers to see. 

There is unfortunately a lack of LGBTQ+ content that caters to young teens. Luckily, in recent years, the media has begun to veer away from unrealistic representation about members of the community. Movies and shows like My First Summer, The Half of It and the recently released Heartstopper are just a few examples of work in the media that has successfully portrayed what it’s like to explore your identity. An article from The Guardian said, “Young LGBTQ+ people now have a show with relatable and frankly adorable characters who face hardship, but who also have the possibility of happiness.” This show will become a reliable piece of entertainment for those who are struggling with acceptance of themselves. Anyone who desires a charismatic piece of entertainment that displays those of all identities is sure to love Heartstopper. The series, directed by Alice Oseman, is now streaming on Netflix.