Academic Scholarship and Awards Night will celebrate the achievements of the graduating class


Jillian Stauffer

Academic Scholarship and Awards Night will take place on Wednesday, May 25.

Jillian Stauffer, Writer

In previous years, the Academic Scholarship and Awards Night has been set up as a formal ceremony where students would be handed their scholarship or academic honors as they walked across the stage. Starting last year, primarily because of COVID-19, OHS began to format this event in an open house style. Many people preferred this open house style because of the opportunity to connect with the organization that they were receiving scholarships from. OHS Principal Mr. Kory Kath said, “It was so fun to be able to actually have a conversation with a student rather than just hand it to them as they walk across the stage.” This format will be continued this year. 

The Academic Scholarship and Awards Night will take place on Wednesday, May 25, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the OHS gymnasium. Students who earned academic honors or a scholarship will receive an invitation to come to this event. Students and their families will be able to arrive any time during the evening, where they will be able to independently go to the different stations depending on what type of recognition that student is receiving. Students will have the opportunity to take a formal photo with their awards and their family. 

Nearly half of the graduating class of 2022 will receive an invitation to this event because so many students have qualified for distinction, high distinction or scholarships. Senior Fardouza Farah said, “I am most excited about celebrating my peers and my high school career.” At the event, refreshments will be offered and attendees will be able to mill around the gym and congratulate one another. Mr. Kath said, “The biggest thing is that we want it to be a night where students can celebrate with family and have those honors given to them.” This new format with the priority of celebration gives seniors and their families the opportunity to have a break from the stressful formalities of graduation and look back on what they have accomplished.