OHS Girls Golf in full swing



Junior Captain Makayla Mahlman

Marlee Dutton, Writer

OHS Girls Golf has begun with a great start into the 2022 spring season. The team finished eighth in the Big 9 last season and plans to significantly improve their ranking this season. 

The team has potential to succeed and place well in the Big 9 rankings. The Huskies have a good mix of experience and younger players this year. With some upperclassmen girls that have been on the team since 8th grade and many experienced underclassmen athletes, they have significant contributors from eighth grade through 11th grade.

Many girls will be contributing in bigger roles than in the past and there are characteristics needed to see improvement. Head Coach Kari Opatz said, “The characteristics that players have that will contribute to Big 9 is a strong short game. Short game is everything in golf and when our players are confident in their short game it really helps their mental game and hitting off the tee.” Confidence and consistency in the girls short game is what will significantly improve their scoring. 

One major improvement that Opatz wants to see is the entire team improving their short game. Opatz said, “If our team can really nail down their putting and chipping, our scores would drop.” The team is determined to see their scores improve and to grow as a team. 

The difference between ages and experience can make it difficult to keep team scores consistent. Senior Makayla Mahlman said, “In order to improve our standings in the Big 9, we need to be more confident. We have a young team with talent and are continuously growing and improving.” The Huskies are excited to see where their talent can take them. The OHS Girls Golf team tees off next at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 26 at the Big 9 tournament at North Links Golf Course in Mankato.