Huskies exceed expectations at True Team State


Jerome Stransky

Senior Connor Ginskey and junior Trevor Hiatt compete in a close race.

CJ Theis, Writer

This season, Owatonna Boys Track and Field qualified for the True Team State meet in class AAA. Owatonna is one of the smaller schools in this class compared to schools like Wayzata and Rosemont. True Team State is a track meet where 12 teams select three athletes per event, meaning there are 36 athletes from 12 different teams competing in each event. Scoring is from 36 to 1. 36 points are given to the athlete who gets first place, and the athlete in last place would receive one point.

The Huskies were expected to finish in 5th or 6th place and finished in 3rd place, taking home a medal and a trophy. Varsity Head Coach Mr. Kevin Stelter said, “Every athlete matters in this event so it’s a whole team event”. Senior Team Captain Connor Ginskey was asked how the team prepared for True Team State. Ginskey said, “Everyone was really focusing and preparing and it paid off when we got there.”

The Huskies proved a lot of people wrong as a smaller school in this meet. Tanner Stendel, a senior on the team, said he had a girl come up to him and ask where Owatonna is. The Huskies had great success in events like long jump and the 4×4 relay. Justin Gleason is a junior who broke the school record in long and triple jump and consistently helps the Huskies get substantial points every meet, placing high in both events every time. He was asked how exciting it was when the team found out they got third place after Stillwater was disqualified. Gleason said, “Our whole team was excited because we were one of the smallest schools and we were an underdog and the meet.” The Huskies then continued their success on Thursday, May 26 at the Big 9 meet in Red Wing, where they placed first as a team.