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Lauren Waypa

New OHS physical education teacher Mr. Guenther smiles for picture.

Another Mr. Guenther in the building

Mr. Ryan Guenther is a new Health and Personal Fitness teacher at OHS. Along with this, Guenther teaches Physical Education and Strength at the OMS. This is Guenther’s third year teaching. Prior to teaching at the OHS he taught at Faribault High School. 

Guenther has many passions outside of the classroom and one of those things is playing soccer. Soccer has been a part of his life since he was young and he played when he started college. He keeps up with soccer by coaching some of the high school teams. Guenther said, “I’m coaching boys soccer B-Squad and I am also one of the varsity assistant coaches.”

Besides soccer, Guenther also loves spending time outside of school with his family. He is married and has two little girls. They love spending time outside, traveling and shopping. 

Sophomore Karys Richardson is in Guenther’s Health class. Richardson said, “I like him as a new teacher because he is younger and I feel like he understands us more.” Richardson also likes his teaching style because Guenther connects what they are learning about to the things that are happening in the world today.

There have been many people in Guenther’s life that have impacted him greatly. Guenther said, “My parents have made the biggest impact in my life because they showed me that I could drive away from my tunnel vision in my life.” Guenther thought that he only could love one thing in life but his parents helped him get out and try new things. Guenther said, “The best advice I could give to any high schooler would be to branch out and try new things.”

Next time you are walking around C-Plaza during third or fourth hour, stop by C-210 and say hi to Guenther.

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