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Torrin Smith

Ms. Eroglu can’t wait for the new school year.

Meet New Teacher Ms. Eroglu

Ms. Molly Eroglu is a new teacher at OHS. Ms. Eroglu is a licensed EL (English Learner). Ms. Eroglu’s name is pronounced Ero-lu, the g is silent. Ms. Eroglu helps students who speak  different languages at home but are learning English here at school.

Sometimes students may need help with their vocabulary or just need some support. Ms. Eroglu said, “My job is just to help support them (students who she teaches) as they’re learning English and their classes.” She enjoys helping support these students because they come from a different background than her and it’s interesting to learn about their culture, heritage and family.

Ms. Eroglu attended the University of Wisconsin, River Falls for her undergraduate degree. She then got her masters degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has the ability to teach students of any age from kindergarten through six grade, and she can be an EL for students of grades K through 12. She currently teaches at the ALC and here at the highschool.

Home  for Ms. Eroglu is in Faribault. She grew up there and is still living there now. She used to teach in Faribault at Roosevelt Elementary school. She still lives in Faribault because of the short commute, and she has family nearby. In the past, she has lived in Turkey and Sweden, both of which she taught in. She lived in Turkey for four years and Sweden for three.

Ms. Eroglu wanted to become a teacher because of her past German teacher. Her favorite part of the job is getting to help support students who might need it. She likes hearing about different cultures and different ways of living life, because there is more to the world than just the United States. 

Ms. Eroglu lives with her husband and three children. Her children are 13, three and five months old. When the weather is nice, Ms. Eroglu likes to hike. Hiking or just being outside is Ms. Eroglu’s favorite things to do. When the weather is more like what we are used to in Minnesota, cold and snowy, Ms. Eroglu likes to watch movies inside where it is warm. Mrs. Eroglu can be found in room C-314.

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